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GovPros charges a service fee to utilize its service to process the transaction above. The service fee is a separate charge from the payment amount and will reflect "GovPros Srvc Fee" on your banking statement. This fee is handled entirely by GovPros and no part of your fee is paid to the entity you wish to make a payment. The "Total Payment" above includes the initial payment amount plus the service fee amount. The completion of these payment transactions are based solely on the approval and acceptance of your payment by the entity you are paying, and authorization by your card's issuing bank. Your payment is not considered to be paid until the entity you are paying approves and transmits your payment. If for any reason your transaction is not able to be processed or approved within your card issuers allotted authorization period, all outstanding obligations remain your sole responsibility. GovPros is not liable for any late or unaccepted payments caused by any function of utilizing this service. Please make sure any and all data entered above is correct and true to the best of your knowledge.

Card Authorization Agreement: by entering your personal information and card data, and by clicking the "Accept & Pay" button, you confirm your acceptance of the service fee charged by GovPros and agree to pay the "Total Payment" above. Please ensure all information is accurate; you are subject to follow any accordance with the agreement governing the use of your debit or credit card by its issuer. Your payment information and card data are tokenized and encrypted from the point of entry and are used to process a one time payment. 
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